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Nightlife started out as only a small idea created by 20 year old Luminex. The main focus was to create a show that people could jam out to in the car, at home, or even at the clubs. In June of 2019, it finally happened. Luminex called up 16 year old DJ Waffles who had worked with many artists, DJ's, and singers from around the world. After talking back and forth, Luminex decided to make the 300 mile trip down to Atlanta the next month in order to start prepping and recording episodes.


Nightlife was created in order to bring some of the hottest EDM tracks and remixes all together into a 1 houf mix every other week. Feel free to submit any music to wafflerecorddemos@gmail.com if you'd like to get it potentially featured on our show.  "Our hope is that you feel our positive energy through the songs we play in each mix." - DJ Waffles

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